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Based on my two decades of research on couple recovery and
John and Julie Gottman's world-renowned research on divorce prediction and relationship stability

Actionable Training

Taking theory into practice and made doable based on what real couples do in successful relationships

Interesting and engaging

Classes and workshops are designed to include a variety of approaches for different learning styles

Premium State of the Art Material

Get the latest information on relationship health and strategies to address relationship issues

The Voice of Experience

I maintained a private practice for 40 years specializing in couple therapy. He now focuses on teaching and consultation. He have over 35 years of experience as an educator in psychology, relationships, and therapy.

Dr. Robert Navarra, LMFT, MAC

Build relationship skills

Whether you are learning as a couple or as a professional, the classes and workshops provide specific research-based strategies to help couples manage conflict and difficult issues, strengthen their relationship, and increase intimacy.

Learn from an experienced therapist and educator

I have presented nationally and internationally on Gottman Method Couples Therapy and on my research of over 20 years on couple recovery from addiction.

User friendly and a fun way to learn

Classes and workshops are easy to navigate, learn at your own pace.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Addiction Counselor


Sample List Of Publications

Co-authored chapter with Dr. John Gottman, Gottman Method Couple Therapy: From Theory to Practice

Co-authored with Drs. Julie and John Gottman chapter, Sound Relationship House Theory and Relationship and Marriage Education

Article: Systemic Addiction Treatment in Couple and Family Therapy

Co-authored three articles with Dr. John Gottman on Gottman Method Couples TherapySystemic Addiction Treatin Couple and Family Therapy

Authored chapter, Family Response to Adults and Alcohol

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Featured blog Articles

Coming Soon: Relationships, Addiction, and Recovery Podcast

Research-based Relationship Tips For All Couples

Practical strategies, tools, and techniques for couples.

Addressing and Managing Addiction and Problematic Substance Use

Episodes dedicated specifically for couples impacted by addiction

Couple Recovery

Latest developments in emerging recovery tools for couples


Recent vlogs of blog articles and videos of relationship tips

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    For additional videos visit Relationship Tips with Dr. Navarra

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, this Gottman tip is for all couples. Stay tuned for Part 2: Timing, Timing, Timing.

Advanced research-based relationship tips provide strategies to deepen meaning, emotional attunement and connection  year-round.

Introducing workshops for couples and therapists on Dr. Navarra’s research and collaboration with Drs. John & Julie Gottman.

What Professionals Have to Say

Training and Workshops

I just completed your course "Couples and Addiction Recovery". I found it to be a wealth of information with a lot of great insights and tools that I have already started to use. Thank you for giving me the confidence when working with my couples who are dealing with substance use disorders
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Dr. Tanja Haley, Certified Gottman Therapist
North West Calgary
I highly recommend this important training for addiction treatment centers running family programs. It provides new insights, research, insights and clinical structure and effective materials that can be used by therapists and staff to help couples build new relationship bridges.
Courtney Strong
Clinical Director at Washington Physicians Health Program
I enjoyed connecting the Gottman method of helping couples and the strength-based focus to these other areas that can effect couples. This was a powerful and excellent training. I appreciate the videos as well as the walk through of each intervention.
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Therapist Participant
Bellevue, WA
It is critical to present the systemic perspective in addiction treatment. I am happy to help in this work.
Dr. John Gottman
Co-founder of the Gottman Institute
This work is a real contribution to the field of real couple therapy.
Dr. Julie Gottman
Co-founder and President of the Gottman Institute

What couples Have to Say

Workshops and Classes

This workshop was exactly what our marriage needed. I loved the opportunity to attend and and grow together in our marriage.We now have a way to communicate our trauma and express emotions effectively.
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Workshop Participant
Roadmap for the Journey
As therapists and a couple in recovery we found this workshop to be profoundly encouraging. educational, and supportive. The care and attention Dr. Navarra took to create this format through valid research and countless hours was clear and evident in the structure and presentation of the material.
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Workshop Participant
Roadmap for the Journey
These tools are amazing for the place my husband and I are at in our recovery and my wellness. We are looking to grow and build a healthy foundation for a new marriage. These exercises allow us the space to do just that.
avatar, icon, placeholder-1577909.jpg
Workshop Participant
Roadmap for the Journey
Very useful program, an answer to our prayers. We have been searching for a program or method for five years to help us understand how to incorporate recovery with marriage and communication tools. Thank you!
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Workshop Participant
Roadmap for the Journey
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