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Addiction Recovery for Couples Online

A Roadmap for the Journey is a new, research-based couples workshop designed to address the challenges unique to relationships impacted by addiction and recovery. Whether one or both of you are recovering from alcohol, drugs, and/or behavioral addictions, this workshop will help strengthen your Couples Recovery through integrating and balancing Relationship Needs with Recovery Needs. You will receive information, tools, and support to learn how to effectively manage conflict, build greater connection, generate stability, and create a supportive and sustainable relationship. This is a workshop and not therapy.

  • Dr. Navarra will be co-presenting with Drs. John and Julie Gottman on Roadmap for the Journey and on couple recovery at the next Evolution Psychotherapy Conference in December 2020. 

Dr. Navarra will be presenting a webinar based on Roadmap for the Journey, titled “Fostering Couple Recovery: Tools for Counselors and Therapists”,  for The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) on September 16, 2020

NEW: Live online group workshops now available. Limited to 3-5 couples. Requires pre-workshop interview to complete registration

Upcoming Dates:

September 19 & 26, 2020

“Immediately after completing this workshop my partner and I turned toward each other for the first time in 6 months.”

  • $1,099.00* Includes 10 hours live workshop over two days
  • 90 minute pre-workshop video package
  • 2 Manuals
  • Recovery Card Deck Set
  • Additional workshop materials
  • Receive $200.00 rebate if you agree to complete surveys before and after the workshop for research purposes – No requirement to participate in research

“I am certain that the work done in this workshop has, and will continue to lead to real healing.”

  • $1,099* Includes 10 hours live workshop over two days
  • 90 minute pre-workshop video package
  • 2 Manuals
  • Recovery Card Deck Set
  • Additional workshop materials
  • Receive $150.00 rebate if you agree to complete surveys before and after the workshop for research purposes – No requirement to participate in research

Note: This workshop is not appropriate for couples if there is active addiction. It is designed for couples recovering from the impact of addiction and requires a confidential individual interview with the couple prior to enrollment. 

What to Expect

Roadmap for the Journey has been designed specifically for couples who have been impacted by an addictive disorder

This workshop is not appropriate for couples where there is active addiction

“This workshop has brought new meaning to our marriage.”

"Every aspect of marriage was explained very well. We have a fire of motivation that has been ignited by this retreat"
"This workshop just helped us to release a lot of the pain and anger we held in for so long. I feel restored and I know there is hope. It helps to see others going through the same thing. I don't feel ashamed anymore. I know and understand that I am in recovery. I never knew that before 'till now"

"I think we gained more trust in our relationship throughout this workshop. We both enjoyed the was very educational to the both of us"

"The workshop was excellent. It helped us in a lot of ways and how we can solve problems and conflicts without using the 4 Horsemen (blame and defensiveness). Thanks, keep up the good work!"

"I really liked the cards. Plus I also liked that there are scientific facts that are shown. I also liked the triggers part because I don't think we think about the past influencing the way we feel about certain things that our partner does. This workshop also gave me and my partner time to listen/talk to each other"

"I like everything about this workshop. I learned a lot of ways to help my partner and myself about our road"

"Brought (me) to a place of compassion that I don't go to very often. Nice to have awareness of how he felt"

"Totally a positive way to address needs, allows positive tone to be set"

"Increased (my) understanding of spouses' needs...good discipline for listening...opened up new doors"
What Workshop participants Have Said

Day 1: Developing a Couple recovery

  • When Conversations Get Overwhelming – Learn to avoid the 4 negative communication patterns that predict relationship melt down
  • Building Recovery Maps: Mine, Yours, Ours – Integrating recovery into the relationship
  • CPR for Our Recovery – Managing conflict through identifying needs and  problem-solving
  • Recovery Compromise Ovals
  • Recognizing a Positive Event

Day 2: Managing Conflict and Healing from Addiction

  • HEART – Healing from Emotions of Addiction Recovery and Trauma – Providing a safe, non-blaming way to talk about addiction trauma
  • Three Boxes – Interdependency vs codependency
  • Family of Origin Filters – Exploring and understanding how family of origin history may be impacting recovery/relationships
  • Building Rituals and Routines In Your Relationship
  • Creating Vision – A tool to discuss hopes and dreams for the future – for yourself and/or relationship or family

Presentations - Practice - Small Group sharing

This workshop integrates my research on couple recovery with the Gottman Sound Relationship Model.

Using humor, presentations provide couples a theory of couple recovery, but most of the workshop is experiential. Time is provided for partners to practice the tools and strategies to build and strengthen couple recovery.

After the exercises couples will gather in small groups facilitated by a trained therapist. Participants have the opportunity to share reactions, ask questions about the exercise, and listen in a safe environment. There is no pressure to speak, however.

Establishing healthy boundaries is essential for self-care and relationship-care, they do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Roadmap for the Journey...

…provides help for couples to navigate the challenges of managing their relationship while addressing the reality of being impacted by addiction and by recovery.

Whether the recovery process is new, or long-standing this workshop has brought research based knowledge about relationship health, and addiction recovery as applied to the relationship

"Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. Bad habits can be broken, and good habits formed"
William James